Hand made Rattan Bags from Indonesia.

These Rattan bags are hand woven in the East of Bali, a little village for great basketry. The product is called Ata or Ati and is a reed, making the material strong and sturdy. The pieces are all “smoked” over coconut husks as component of the drying out procedure, which adds attractive patina and also leaves the bag with a slight natural fragrance that disappears gradually.

Each Rattan woven bag bag is independently handmade made, lined with standard batik print, a natural leather strap and also an one-of-a-kind hand woven pattern.

Some of our Rattan woven bag could have minor variants in style as well as dimension, this is an all-natural event in handmade products as well as among the lots of reasons we like it so! Because of the handcrafted nature, no 2 styles will certainly be specifically alike offering you an enduring one-of-a kind product to prize for years to come.

Please note: Each bag is handmade, and may vary slightly in dimension and also information due to the nature of this product.
Processing entails smoking in a typical oven over coconut husks to add strength. All-natural smoked fragrance as a result of the process in which the bag is made.