Rhino Beetle Gin

One of the 'Big Five' 
We are passionate about the protection and care of Rhinos.
We are, and have been concerned with various projects of this nature for many years.
Scarabaeidae Dynastinae
Rhino Beetle
One of the 'Little Fives'

As strong as and as unique as its big brother 

  In honour of both these magnificent African species, we have named our product.

Dynastineae Gin 
Strong in flavour, unique in quality.
Our Gin flavours are inspired by special events and happenings in our lives...
After a particularly diffucult day we were given a beautiful bouquet of roses and the loverly smell of the flowers calmed our spirits and led us to create.
Turkish Delight - delicately perfumed with rose water 
Blueberry - is inspired by the fresh and invigorating flavors of berries produced on our farm in Haenersburg
Hibiscus - created for a wedding reception and inspired by the flowers in the bridal bouquet.
Strawberry & Mango - We had the occasion to visit a mango producing farm and the wonderful smell of ripe fruit led to the creation of this delicious combination.