About the brand 

Award winning Luxury brand Cyla Gonsolves, specialise in Luxury Ready To Wear women's clothing and Knitwear.

We focus on achieving impeccable quality and delivering timeless and elegant clothing and accessories. We incorporate hand craft elements and are proudly made in South Africa.

Cyla the founder of the brand is very passionate about fashion with a cause and strives to make a difference in the fashion industry. We are an ethical brand that empowers woman in a work place and makes sure that every step of the supply chain is ethical. 

Our women is feminists that believe in the time of women empowerment but wants to look and feel beautiful at the same time.

Our target market - is a career driven woman that wants to feel good and look good. She won’t think twice to buy something that makes her feel beautiful. She likes to draw attention with what she wears. She likes to feel unique in sense of style. She is a feminist that lives in the time of women empowerment. 

Our Vision - Striving to become a top preforming international resort wear brand.

Our Mission - To add value to our customers lives by making sure we produce high quality garments and accessories and making them feel good.

Our Values - Everything that we do will be done with passion. We want to be a trust worthy brand to our customers. We want to empower our women in a workplace and create jobs in South Africa.